The Distillery on an Orchard...

It takes a year to grow a piece of fruit... pruning, thinning, picking and everything inbetween! So what do we go ahead & do with all the excess fruit?

Make spirits of course!

As soon as we begin our cherry harvest in December we are packing fresh cherries to sell from our roadside shop - you may have noticed our logo? We wanted to demonstrate the FIRST
(of many) reasons why a cherry (or any piece of fruit) may not make it to market... birds! They absolutely LOVE our cherries (we know the feeling!) so if they are lucky enough to find their way into our nets - watch out cherries!

Same goes for our apricots, peaches, plums, nectarines and apples...
If it's not the birds, it's the weather.
Too hot, not hot enough, rain, or hail damage... you name it!

So with that in mind, you can be confident that what you're purchasing from our distillery is our effort to reduce perfectly good 'waste fruit' from our orchard.

Now available online for your drinking pleasure
- Apple Tree gin
- Fruit schnapps
- The Incider
(next level apple cider...
quite strong...
not for the faint hearted)

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